KDG 700x1250 DM



KDG 700X1250DM model is a semi automatic miter cutting band saw machine with double column body design. The machine, which has the feature of turning to angle in two directions, can miter cut from -45 ° to 60 °. Precision cutting capability has been gained with linear guides. Body up-down movements are done as hydraulic. The cut material can be easily tightened thanks to hydraulic vises. Feeding material is manuel. The machine is controlled on digital control panel



  • Digital Control Panel
  • Digital Screen
  • Frequency Inverter
  • Sensible Cutting Feed Adjustment
  • Sensible Cutting Feed Pressure Adjustment
  • Miter Position Holder by Hydraulic Brake 
  • Limited Moveable Control Panel Box 
  • Full Stroke Hydraulic Clamping Vise
  • Adjustable Clamping Pressure of Vise 
  • Special Designed Vice Jaw
  • Hydraulic Top Clamping Vise
  • Hydraulic Blade Tensioning
  • Motorized Swarf Conveyor
  • Motorized Swarf Brush 
  • Bevel Helical Gearbox
  • Adjustable Down and Top Limit Switch
  • Down Motion With Roller Type Linear Guide
  • Guide Arm Motion With Linear Guide 
  • Simple Adjustable Guide Arm 
  • Blade Bedding with 3 Bearings and Carbide Plate
  • Wheels Strong Constraction With Large Bearings 


  • Special Constraction For Tensioning Wheel 
  • Laser Line 
  • Wheel Turn Control By Proximity Switch
  • Special Table Constraction
  • Manometer
  • Door Opener By Gas Spring
  • Transportation Support By Lifting Eye
  • Workplace Lightning by LED  
  • Coolant Oil Level Indicator 
  • Hydraulic Oil Level Indicator
  • Rotating Table
  • Easy to Read The Miter Cut Degree Indicator
  • Transport Hooks
  • Levelling Foot Leg
  • Cover Switch
  • Tension Switch
  • Electric Cabinet Switch
  • 2 pcs 3mt Roller Table 
  • Automatic Stop When;
    • The covers are open 
    • Blade tension is low or broken
    • Blade is blocked
    • Additional alarms by giving codes




  • Micro Mist Coolant System
  • Digital Miter Angle Indicator
  • Motorized Feed Table

KDG 700x1250 DM

Sensitive Presure - Inverter -Hydraulic Brake

Material Infeed Table

Hydraulic Top Clamp

Hydraulic Band Tension

Swarf Conveyor

Motorized Swarf Brush

Hydraulic Vise

KDG 700x1250 DM

Main Motor 10 HP
Gearbox Bevel Helical PKD 4390 High Efficiency
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 35 Liters
Coolant Motor 0.27 HP
Coolant Tank Capacity 50 liters
Conveyor Motor 0.16 HP
Swarf Brush Motor 1/4 HP
Blade Speed 82-328 fpm
Blade Dimensions 27.11" x 2" x 16" Gauge
Machine Weight 12.125 lbs
Machine Dimensions 98" x 175" x 98"
Table Height 34.2"
30° 45° 60° -30° -45°
yuvarlak 27.5" 27.5" 27.5" 20.4" 27.5" 27.5"
kare 25.5" 25.4" 25.4" 20.4" 25.5" 25.5"
dikdörtgen 25.5" x 49.2" 25.4" x 40.5" 25.4" x 31" 25.4" x 19" 25.4" x 39" 25.4" x 30.7"

KDG 700x1250 DM

KDG 700x1250 DM



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