ULTRA 300X300



   ULTRA 300x300 is a high performance autonomous band saw machine. It has double column body which is designed with ergonomic details and technical solutions applied in consideration of user safety and comfort. Its dynamic and innovative design symbolizes fast and perfect cutting technology. 

   The machine has 15” Industrial PC which is connected via LAN and WIFI. Thanks to its Intelligent Sawing System (IPS) it can be used 4 different sawing performance mode (Normal, Blade Saver, High Performance, Ultra Performance). ULTRA 300x300 is also used on manual, automatic or smart cutting modes. 1300 different material which are categorized in 6 differents standards are predefined on smart cutting system. By this way, the machine adjusts parameters automatically. Linear guideways on the machine have two servo moving vices provide perfect cutting precision. Its 21 kW high torque main motor prevents loss of torque in either low or high frequency. ULTRA 300x300 provides a unique experience with its quickness. It has a record with 47 second cutting time for CK45 Ø250 solid material.



  • 15” Industrial PC
  • Intelligent Sawing (IPS) 
  • Servo Controlled Bow Motion
  • Servo Controlled Front-Rear Vises
  • Hydraulic Blade Tensioning
  • Cover 
  • 7 Color LED Display 
  • 21 kW High Torque Main Motor
  • Scraper Type Chip Conveyor


  • Hydraulic Blade Carbide Guides
  • Proximity Switch
  • High Pressure Coolant
  • 30° Blade Twist 
  • Blade Cleaning Brush System
  • Adjustable Pressures on Vises, Blade Tension and Carbide Guides
  • 6 mt Roller Table With Side and Bottom Sheet Cover  
  • Hydraulic Front and Rear Vises 
  • Out of Square Cutting Detector




  • Mist Collector
  • Fully Autamated Material Feed System
  • Laser Line Indicator

ULTRA 300X300

15" Industrial PC

Intelligent Sawing (IPS

Servo Controlled Bow Motion

Servo Controlled Front-Rear Vises

Hydraulic Blade Tensioning

7 Color LED Display

ULTRA 300X300

Main Motor 28 HP
Gearbox Bevel Helical NRW 60390 High Efficiency
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP
Coolant Motor 1.5 HP (High Pressure)
Conveyor Motor 0.5 HP
Swarf Brush Motor 1/5 HP
Back Feeding Stroke 18.9" (Multi Indexing)
Front Feeding Stroke 11.8" (Multi Indexing)
Back Servo Feeder Motor 1 HP, 3000 rpm
Front Servo Feeder Motor 1 HP, 3000 rpm
Bow Servo Motor 1 HP, 3000 rpm
Blade Speed 65-1.312 mfpm
Blade Dimensions 23' 1" x 2" x 16 Gauges
Machine Weight 13227 lbs
Machine Dimensions 91.7" x 161" x 90.5"
Table Height 30.7"
30° 45° 60° -30° -45°
yuvarlak 11 8"
kare 11 8"
dikdörtgen 11 8" x 11 8"

ULTRA 300X300

ULTRA 300X300



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