We go ahead innovations! VEGA 650x650 S-LINE

          Karmetal R&D crew have keep going innovative projects shaped the sector. In the recent period, Karmetal R&D is mentioned more often with innovative developments in the machinery sector and it seems that in the near future avant-guard technologies of Karmetal will be mentioned more.


          VEGA 650x650 S-LINE is high performance autonomous band saw Machine is one of the latest projects of Karmetal. It has has the largest cutting dimensions among the high tech band saw machines. Its modern and elegant design emphasizes new technologies that the machines has. It is created having regard to user safety and comfort.

          VEGA 650x650 S-LINE is a high performance autonomous band saw machine. It is has double column body moved by servo motor. VEGA 650x650 S-LINE is distinguished with its power as its smartness as well. 15 kW High torque main motor prevents loss of torque in neither low nor high frequency. On the other hand, just like other Karmetal magical machine ULTRA 300x300, this machine has also servo controlled front-rear vises, 15” Industrial PC, remote control via WIFI and elegant design. 13000 different material which are categorized in 6 differents standards are predefined on smart cutting system. By this way, the machine adjusts parameters automatically. Linear guideways on the machine have two servo moving vices provide perfect cutting precision.


          In addition to high tech band saw machines VEGA 650x650 S-LINE and ULTRA 300x300 which transform the development of the metallurgy sector, Karmetal R&D claims that their new projects on process will influence in worldwide. Karmetal keeps on provide solution through on demands of users to make easier their works.


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Karmetal serves domestic and international market with great reputation and improving its recognition all around the world day by day. We export our machines more than 40 countries including USA,UK, Germany, Australia. Karmetal has a very strong sales net.

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