Revolutionary Innovation from Karmetal R&D! ULTRA 300x300

Karmetal R&D department has lead the way in band saw machinery industry. ULTRA 300x300 high performance automatic band saw machine, one of the anticipated projects of Karmetal R&D department, which sketch out creative designs by following the innovations in the sector, has been on the showcase.


ULTRA 300x300 high performance band saw Machine makes a difference with its design and quickness. The machine is manufactured with ergonomic details and technical solutions applied in consideration of user safety and comfort. It has a dynamic and innovative design that emphasizes its fast and perfect cutting technology. Thanks to its 7 color display, the current status of the machine can be determined on the color display.

ULTRA 300x300 provides a unique experience with its quickness. It has a record with 47 second cutting time for CK45 Ø250 solid material. Although it seems imposible for many of users, Karmetal provides this unrivaled experience with ULTRA 300x300. You can watch this magic via this link; . This innovation seems to usher a new era for mass production in the metallurgy sector.

One of the most important features of the Machine is intelligent sawing mode. 1300 different predefined material are listed in 6 different standards in its library. Besides, it has smart abilities that make a difference such as automatically selection of most appropriate, cutting parameters depending on the cutting channel, material grade, heat treatment, sawing mode, blade type and blade TPI according to predefined parameters in the database.


The Machine is distinguished with its power as its smartness as well. Thanks to, 21 kW High torque main motor, there is no loss of torque in neither low nor high frequency. On the other hand, servo controlled front-rear vises, 15” Industrial PC, remote control via WIFI and tis elegants design make ULTRA 300x300 unique in its class.

Karmetal’s innovative projects which are favorable to Industry 4.0 vision might transform the future of the metallurgy sector. Apart from ULTRA 300x300 and VEGA 600x650 S-LINE models, Karmetal R&D departments promotes creative and innovative solutions to the sector with new projects.



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Karmetal serves domestic and international market with great reputation and improving its recognition all around the world day by day. We export our machines more than 40 countries including USA,UK, Germany, Australia and Russia. Karmetal has a very strong sales net.

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